Monday, August 15, 2016

2016 Missouri State Fair

Every year we love to go to the state fair! Today was a great day with temps right around 80. Perfect fair weather! I wasn't as impressed with the quilts this year. I thought the prettiest ones were in the cases. My husband and I watched the 4H kids with their dogs, my camera was acting up so no photos. We got so tickled with a little girl and her Corgi. He barked a lot and failed at the sit and stay! But they made the cutest team! I wish I would have videoed them! I loved seeing all the breeds of dogs. Some were gorgeous and some, not so. But that Corgi was too cute! He reminded us of our Corgi, Rascal.
 I wish the horses were there but only a few draft but we still had as great time! But the best thing of all, I won a ribbon for a photo!
I took this 3 years ago. I won a ribbon & $48. :)

Taking a rest  at MODot gardens

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