Saturday, April 23, 2016

Morel and Microbrewery Festival in The Brick District Fulton, MO

We had great weather for the festival today. We had a really good time but they needed more tables and chairs and spread out a little more. The tents were on top each other and the lines were long. My husband and I checked out an antique store as well. We had a fun time in Fulton!

Bags of morel mushrooms

My favorite place to eat in Fulton

Snow cones! 

bluegrass band that was pretty good

old fabric at  an antique store 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bennett Springs Camping Trip

Finally, after a year of not camping, we had our first trip of the year! We had great weather, a little windy, so we never had a fire but beautiful weather. The dogs enjoyed it too. Although I don't think Jake, our pound puppy, likes to go. He would prefer to stay home I think. He cries a lot so we walk walk him often.

One of my husbands friends was camping with his grandson as well. We had a nice time visiting with them.This is a really nice park if you like to trout fish or kick back and relax, Bennett Spring State Park is a beautiful place!
site 138

Some photos of campground 1

The town of Lebanon has a small farmers market

Trout hatchery

Hiking trails

On our way home today driving through the Lake of the Ozarks

Looking out over Cole County MO
Until next year! Bennett Spring State Park

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mushroom Season

The wonderful morel! A tasty mushroom found all over the state of Missouri in April, in the woods and even in yards, and so far my daughter has found one. We had a decent rain yesterday so we are hoping they have popped in our spots. I walked the woods today, with the boys, and didn't find any. But I brought my camera along with me and snapped a few photos of my flowers in my yard as well. I wish all the morel hunters good luck this Spring!
Photo of a morel from the internet
Dogwoods are flowering

 The boys tagging along behind me


No clue what this is but pretty red flowers


Love my bulb flowers