Friday, June 17, 2016

Garden Goodies

It has been brutally hot here in mid Missouri. This time of year is only supposed to be in the low 80's but it has been 100 degrees the past few days. Makes me scared to think what July and Aug are going to be like. My garden seems to be  enjoying this heat but the flowers are not with the exception of the begonias! I do not like this heat at all and this morning I woke up with a nasty cough, My plans are to rest as much as possible this weekend, maybe work on some sewing,

I found the first three photos on Facebook. I thought they were funny, although the heatwave isn't, and thought I'd share them.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The heat is on!

We talked about camping this weekend but I checked the extended forecast and every day was 97 degrees! I'm a fair weather camper, or even a cold weather camper, but not hot weather. The camper has AC but its not the same! We did enjoy a little yesterday. We took my grandson to one of the public pools in Jefferson City. It was packed already by noon!  Today the hubby and I went to the Columbia Farmers Market, followed by lunch at Olive Garden & on to Sam's Club to get 1 thing. We spent a lot of money and didn't get our item! oh well we had a nice day and now we are soaking up the AC. Stay cool my friends!

Sweet treat yesterday afternoon

Mason in his shades

Mason was not hip on the pool

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Winery trip

A friend of mine invited my husband and I to meet at a local winery. The Wenwood Farms Winery is nestled on a gravel road, in Osage County, off the beaten path, They have wonderful wines and the couple that own it, are from Wisconsin, so they have the best cheese too! We went out a little earlier in the afternoon than my friend and watched the band set up while sipping wine. There was a cool breeze blowing so it wasn't as muggy as it can be on a summers day. I want to go back in the fall. Such a beautiful place!

Wenwood Farms Winery

wine tasting

band setting up

My husband, myself and my friends

Quilt Show

Some of you who know me may find this hard to believe, but I have never been to a quilt show before today. I asked my husband to go with me but he said he'd stay home with the dogs. So if there is ever such thing as a golf club show, I can bow out. I loved seeing all the pretty quilts! I loved the antique quilts the best but there were a lot of really pretty new ones as well. There were so many pretty quilts, I loaded a lot!
Quilt show was held at the middle school my kids attended. 

Last but not least, Mickey quilt