Monday, August 14, 2017

Missouri State Fair 2017

We had a really nice day for the state fair today. Started out overcast and a nice breeze. As the day wore on skies began to clear but temperatures only reached 85. That is pretty nice for the dog days of summer! We always start on the North side of the fair and do a loop around it to see our favorite things! I picked today to go too because it was the 4H dog show day! Sadly, not a corgi in the bunch but still some beautiful dogs! Oh and wine tasting! Some were very good, some not so much!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The sewing machine

Yesterday I went over to my mom's. My dad passed away last September & it is coming up on his birthday later this month. My mom suggested lunch & while we were out she tells me about an antiques dealer she met. My mom has been decluttering her home, my dad was a pack rat, & making some money in doing so. She starts to tell me all the things she is getting rid of & mentions a sewing machine. I stopped her & said what, sewing machine? My mom tells me it was her grandmother's & my mom used it in sewing class in school. She says she will show it to me when we get back to her house.
We get to the basement, she takes off the wooden lid & I gasp! I tell my mom I will pay her for it, being the antiques lady was really interested in it. My mom said that will be my payment for watching her dogs & cats when she goes on vacation.
I am over the moon about this machine. My mom & her family are not the antiques loving type. Very into the newest trends. For this sewing machine, to have made it, without being purged is a miracle. I am beyond thrilled to have my great grandma's sewing machine. It means so much to me!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Cole County Fair 2017

Last night my husband and I took our grandson to the fair. His first time and he absolutely loved it. Our first stop was to eat at the 4H stand. His mommy was in 4H so I still support them. Next the rides. He had such a great time on the rides. At one point we stopped for a funnel cake and to watch the truck/tractor pull. He watched it for a little but wanted to get back to the rides.