Saturday, June 29, 2019

Second quilt of 2019

I bought all this material to make someone close to me a quilt. They passed away before I could finish it. I finally decided to finish piecing it and get it quilted. I decided to donate the quilt for the Mental Health Champions Banquet. It is something close to my heart!

Rainy day project

Last Saturday was a rainy and stormy day. My grandson had been watching cartoons and I was in my sewing room. He comes in and asks if we can do a project and shows me this helicopter kit. I told him to ask grandpa to come help him build his helicopter. Grandpa took his time measuring and making sure it was perfect. They made a great team!

June 2019

It is hard to believe we are halfway through the year. June is almost over and has been a chilly month but last few days are in the 90's. The garden is really started producing. I have a bunch of onions, tomatoes, peppers sweet and the spicy variety and  different types of strawberry plants that produce at different times of the summer. Last weekend Fulton had their street carnival. We took the grandson up to ride rides and have some fun. He took swimming lessons this month at Riverside Park. He really enjoyed being in a group swim class and the girls who taught him were great! And my grandson has had 2 visits from the tooth fairy this month!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

May has been busy

This month has been busy for me. My grandson graduates kindergarten and I have been planting flowers and vegetables for the summer. I am also working on English Paper Piecing as well. I want to make a grandma's garden quilt somedays. I have to admit, I like the smaller hexagons better but I don't think my 50 year old arthritis hands could handle that. I hope to do more camping this summer. I only have one more trip scheduled and that is in the Fall and the camper is currently being fixed for a leak. Hope to get it back soon and find some time to get away for a weekend. Or an extended weekend would even be better. For now I have a lot of work things scheduled and enjoying my gardens.
My grandson with his teacher
Red Sweet Peppers

Cherry Tomatoes 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

First Camping Trip of 2019

We had a wonderful time, this passed weekend, camping at Lake of the Ozarks State Park. The boys made new friends and even started a rock selling business. They waited until Saturday evening. Pretty smart, most people had a few drinks  by then. The kids made $4 each and there were kids. New Pokémon cards all around for thee boys! The weather was lovely, we did have a little rain Saturday morning but it makes for great sleeping weather. The lake was really low and the boys got to play around where there was normally water. Great laughs, great wine (a few bottles) and even roasted peeps. Personally, I prefer the regular marshmallows. Beautiful weekend! I am so glad my grandson can go on these camping trips and make memories with us. The camping trips I went on as a kid made for some of my best childhood memories.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Beautiful Spring evening

I got to pick up my grandson after I got off work today. He loves looking at all the flowers and garden plants I've planted. We have the best conversations even if it is about Pokémon, which this 6 year old boy loves! We had a nice evening together.