Sunday, November 12, 2017

Oklahoma 2017

I was put up for adoption when I was born. Long story short, I found my biological parents in 2007, who in turn, were both adopted as well. Jump forward to last year my birth father did a DNA test through Ancestry and we find his biological family. So this weekend, I traveled to Orlando, Oklahoma to meet my biological family.
I had a wonderful time and so much in common even though I had not met them before! There is a lot to be said about genetics! So here are some photos of this weekend with my family!

My2nd cousin 

My family carved their names in stone

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Last camping trip of 2017

Our last trip was a chilly trip.  we decided on Hanson Hills, a privately owned park. Friday's high was 53 degrees, Saturday was 40 and then dropped into the 20's. We brought 2 space heaters and let the water drip on the faucets. But we had a nice time and it was only 25 minutes from home! Tomorrow we will winterize it. I hope to go camping more next year and we plan to go to Hanson Hills again. They has a chili cook off, which our friend won. And the kids painted pumpkins and had a costume parade.Really enjoyed the park.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Weekends go too fast

This weekend flew by, as they always seem to do. Saturday, my daughter, invited me to a Fall Festival up by Fulton. It wasn't very big but the antique store was awesome! I had a nice time. Today it rained most the day. I noticed the trees are starting to change finally. It has been so warm this fall. A friend of mine, lilacs even bloomed again! I just hope we get Fall weather and not jump into winter!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

October 8, 2017

Today is my mother's 81st birthday. She just got back from Las Vegas. She was actually there of the day of the shooting. I didn't know about it until I woke in at 4 in the morning. I saw the news of the shooting and started to text my mom. She answered after the 2nd text. Needless to say she was unhappy I woke up but I was happy not matter. My thoughts and prayers go out to all.
This weekend has been kind of slow. I have been sick, with bronchitis and other fun illnesses, so we haven't been doing much of anything. Yesterday, Jefferson City has a multi-culture festival. Sadly the weather didn't cooperate until the afternoon. Not many booths left to visit but my husband and I enjoyed walking around without the crowds and did a little shopping. We stopped for dinner at the food trucks. My husband got a huge nacho plate at one and I went to my favorite; Jerk Hut. Delicious!
Today is like a summer day. It is hot! I took a bunch of clean towels to the camper for our upcoming last camping trip of the season. I love Fall but the spiders are out in full force! All the persimmons have fallen off the trees and the bees are loving the persimmons on the ground.
Jerk Hut Food favorite!
I am so ready for this year to be over with and the cool air to return. I am ready for cold nights and my fire pit keeping me toasty.

Face painting

Clouds are clearing but most vendors are gone

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Spiders evereywhere

On my camper

On the shed. As 

Persimmon tree

persimmons in the yard

A bee dining on a persimmon. 

They smell so good. I set one aside to check the seed

Leaves are falling and Dogwood turning red

My 81 yr old mom and her dog Winston