Sunday, October 8, 2017

October 8, 2017

Today is my mother's 81st birthday. She just got back from Las Vegas. She was actually there of the day of the shooting. I didn't know about it until I woke in at 4 in the morning. I saw the news of the shooting and started to text my mom. She answered after the 2nd text. Needless to say she was unhappy I woke up but I was happy not matter. My thoughts and prayers go out to all.
This weekend has been kind of slow. I have been sick, with bronchitis and other fun illnesses, so we haven't been doing much of anything. Yesterday, Jefferson City has a multi-culture festival. Sadly the weather didn't cooperate until the afternoon. Not many booths left to visit but my husband and I enjoyed walking around without the crowds and did a little shopping. We stopped for dinner at the food trucks. My husband got a huge nacho plate at one and I went to my favorite; Jerk Hut. Delicious!
Today is like a summer day. It is hot! I took a bunch of clean towels to the camper for our upcoming last camping trip of the season. I love Fall but the spiders are out in full force! All the persimmons have fallen off the trees and the bees are loving the persimmons on the ground.
Jerk Hut Food favorite!
I am so ready for this year to be over with and the cool air to return. I am ready for cold nights and my fire pit keeping me toasty.

Face painting

Clouds are clearing but most vendors are gone

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Spiders evereywhere

On my camper

On the shed. As 

Persimmon tree

persimmons in the yard

A bee dining on a persimmon. 

They smell so good. I set one aside to check the seed

Leaves are falling and Dogwood turning red

My 81 yr old mom and her dog Winston

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hermann and New Haven camping trip 2017

We have the camper unpacked and we are resting. We had a nice time but unfortunately summer decided to hang on a little longer here. It was close to 100 degrees and muggy instead of warm days and cool evenings. The City of Hermann, has it's own campground, in the park. We thought we would check it out.
Friday, we packed up the camper, dogs and grandson and headed to Hermann, MO. A fun little town on the MO River about an hour away from our home. It was sweltering but we made the best of it setting up. Our friends from Columbia joined us.
Friday evening, we headed to New Haven for the hot air balloon glow. What a gorgeous part of MO. It is wine country as well. There are a lot of wineries in the Hermann area, as well as, on the MO River.
Saturday was so hot, we stayed at the camper, in the shade. We made the best of a beastly hot day. The boys played in the dirt with their toys. Saturday evening we went to dinner and then walked along the river for a bit. My grandson's head hit the pillow that night and was out like a light!
Today we packed up and headed back home minus our pulls on the black and gray water lines. I guess someone admired out pulls and had to have them. Now I have to buy some for our next camping trip, the end of next month.
All in all a nice time but the parking pads were too short. The guys said the bathrooms were gross and the campground got a lot of hwy noise. However, if you like that kind of thing, the trolley picks up and drops off at the campgrounds.

Our Site. Too short for our truck. We had to park on the grass/
Bath house. Husband said it was dirty

Barn on the way to New Haven

Barn in Franklin County 

It was a treat seeing the hot air balloons

Boys being silly

MO River
We had dinner at the Tin Mill
Leaving Hermann this morning. Neat little town!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

September 2017

I love Fall. It is my favorite time of the year. This weekend my daughter is in a wedding in Illinois so we have the little guy. Today we started off getting a hair cut. Then a picnic in a park & play for a bit. We went to Runge Nature Center to see a quilt show. I looked at the quilts while Mason checked out the snapping turtles.
On our way home, we went by Fischer Farm to see if we could pick apples. No apple picking but we picked a big watermelon to take home. 

Friday, August 25, 2017


I met up with 2 of my friends tonight in Ashland, for the Cattleman Days Rodeo. I have not been to a rodeo in 20+ years.  I had a great time. I love the barrel racing, bull riding, bronc busting & they had trick riders too. I didnt get but a few photos tonight or good photos. I took these with my cellphone.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2017 Rral Voices Real Choices conference

Another year down for the Real Voices Real Choices Conference. Our committee puts on an annual conference, at Tan Tar A Resort on the Lake of the Ozarks, for people with developmental disables, mental illness and substance abuse issues. We are all people with lived experience and do the best we can to educate, motivate and inspire almost 900 attendees. We feed them, passed out eclipse glasses and watched it, karaoke and even a dance too. Along with a keynote speaker. It is exhausting but rewarding. Some of these attendees I only see them at the conference. I love this event!
The packing of the bags, Only 900

Calm before the storn

My friend Amy and I checking out the eclipse

The committee members