Saturday, March 5, 2016

RV show

My husband and I drove down South to the annual Springfield, Missouri RV show. It's not as big as KC or St Louis's but it is still a nice show. We saw a few we really liked and we know what we want to upgrade to someday. Somewhere along the way, I lost a bracelet my parents go for me in Australia, so I didn't have the best day. However the weather was perfect and I enjoyed spending the day with my husband.

Loved these towels

Me in one of these tiny ones

Open Ramge

I love Open
Range but I wasn't hip om the colors of the counters

My husband relaxing


  1. A tear drop! We considered those, in fact even looked at plans to build one. Glad we didn't. I like being able to cook inside if needed and to stand up to get dressed.

  2. I would be happy with a small one.

  3. Those RVs are nicer than my house!!! I am not an RV'r, but they sure look beautiful!!!