Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ahhhh Spring

It's been rather warm in mid Missouri. So warm some people, just a few hours South, are finding morel mushrooms already! Today the temperatures are in the 80s. I know all of you summer lovers are loving this but I'm a cool weather person. Today is too warm for me and my Corgis! But I am enjoying all the budding plants! I just wish it would cool back off to normal temperatures for this time of year. I don't want to run my A/C next month on my first camping trip. I am really excited for our annual trip coming up, when DNR turns the water back on in the parks. We only went one time last year. Unfortunately, my husband was sick last fall and last summer was too warm, for our liking, to camp. 

Peach tree
pussy willow


Pussy willow

And now, for the time change issue. I don't like it, most people I know, have never liked it, so do we really need to wake up an hour earlier for the farmers now that they have headlights on the tractors???
Have a great day!

This is me with the time change!

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