Sunday, April 19, 2015

First camping trip of 2015

We had a nice time on our first camping trip. Every year, when the state parks turn the water on, we head to Bennett Springs State Park. Normally we have friends meet up with us but this year was different. One couple moved away to Texas. Another couple has a daughter who is ill and another friend, went last weekend and had things to do this year. Even though, it was the two of us, and the dogs, we had a nice time.
Saturday morning. Jake enjoying the cool weather,

Rainbow trout in the hatchery

Fishing along the river. 

trail along the river,

Pretty flower

Campground, where we like to camp, from across the river. This campground is full hookup. There are more campgrounds up the hill but are not full hookup. 

Hiking trail along the river. 

Turkey vulture and buzzards dining on trout pieces.

Friday evening. My husband taking a nap.

The Robins were fighting this weekend. This guy chased off all the other males.
Another pretty flower along the trail.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful park and a wonderful time.