Saturday, April 4, 2015

Jefferson City's Easter Egg Hunt

When my kids were little, the Jefferson City Jaycee's Easter Egg hunt, was a annual tradition. My parents, myself and my son and daughter, would all go to Memorial Park to hunt eggs. The brightly colored plastic eggs would have candy in them and was always a big hit in town for the little ones. This year, my grandson Mason, is old enough to hunt the bright colored eggs. He refused to take a nap so we weren't sure how his humors would be. He started off slow, but after a bit, had it all figured out. Tomorrow the Easter Bunny will be here to hide the real eggs we colored on Friday. Happy Easter to everyone!
Mason says he's ready to hunt eggs

Families lined up around the 2 to 3 years old area. Waiting for the countdown 


Mason grabbing two at a time. He's got the hang of it. 

Still a few eggs left in our area. 

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