Friday, September 21, 2018

Missouri Star Quilt Company Birthday Bash

Ive been to MO Star Quilt Company 5 times now. This is my first trip seeing Jenny Doan & it was well worth the wait.
My friend Tami came to my house at 6AM. We went to my friend's house to meet up with him & another friend before 7AM.
We started the day at Macon. First breakfast then shopping at Ben Franklin. From Macon we went straight to Hamilton. I have never seen, the little town of Hamilton this packed but it was a blast!
We did a lot of shopping. We won things & some were free. Great day with great friends!
Breakfast at the Apple Basket in Macon, MO

Ben Franklin in Macon

Ben Franklin husband waiting...

Hamilton, MO home of JC Penney & MSQC

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Jenny cutout and I 

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Man Cave at MSQC. Prior to skeletons

Jon and I in the sew off

Jenny Doan & Man Sewing

Jenny's quilt

The quilts made at the Sew Off

Dinner in Chillicothe

A great day!