Saturday, February 6, 2016

February happenings

My parents have become snow birds so i have inherited their dog for a month. However, prior to my parents leaving, we celebrated my birthday as well as my grandsons birthday, being they will be cruising warm waters somewhere. As a kid, mint chocolate chip was my favorite ice cream and I always wanted a Baskin and Robins ice cream cake every year. I'm 47, as of yesterday, and my mom still remembers to get me my cake only there isn't a Baskin and Robbins here so its from Cold Stone. Mason's big thing is dinosaurs right now, if you can't tell. My mother-in-law gave me money, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a beautiful angel, in memory of my grandma. My parents got 2 Vera Bradley purses for my collection. My friend took me to lunch at the Blue Skillet, a wonderful Soul Food Restaurant in Jefferson City. And my husband bought me perfume. I had a wonderful birthday!

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