Tuesday, January 5, 2016

An expensive day!

Today my husband went to start the suburban and it was dead as a doorknob. He put the charger on it and a light popped on the charger, the battery had issues. Or something like that, those are my words.We were going take take the boys, to get their vaccinations today and thought we'd take the suburban, not happening. So we end up having to pull the battery, load the boys in the Furnado, as my son calls our pickup, because of all the dog fur in it, and into town we went.
First we weigh the boys. Dudley was 45 lbs. Rascal 43 and Jake was 50 lbs! So the vet recommends a diet, especially for Dudley being he's going to be 9 years old this year. next he listens to the dogs hearts and takes their heart rates. Dudley's heart rate is like 130, he's a little excited. Rascal a cool 110. Jake, who was ready to have a nervous breakdown, a whopping 170! All he did was cry, the entire time we were there but he is our pound puppy so he thinks he's going back to the pound. He was a two time loser when we rescued him. Two different people didn't want him. He does have some quirks but he's pretty good for the most part. Then on to get a battery for the truck. OMG, those things have gotten ridiculously expensive! Between the vet and the battery, we spent a small fortune! And I recovered my sewing chair, I bought this past Fall. I noticed I put the fabric on the wrong way but I don't mind. It's my chair and I think it looks really cute!
Rascal, Dudley and Jake, still whimpering, looking out the window,

The day I bought my chair