Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sept. camping trip to Arrow Rock, MO

We had a really nice time but what could go wrong, with my camper, seemed to. I don't know if mice got in it and chewed the wires but my A/C, microwave, sterio and most plug ins, would not work. But we made the best of it and decided to take the camper to be fixed tomorrow. I'm glad we stayed!
We roasted marshmallows both nights by the toasty fire.

A biplan flew over the campgrounds.

 The dogs resting while we had lunch.  

Beautiful sunset with geese flying.

The town of Arrow Rock. Very pretty!

We went to the town of Black Water, not far from Arrow Rock. I was told about a lady who had a store there. She bought it at 80 years old and is now 92. She makes homemade pies and sews quilts and things. She was very nice and I really enjoyed talking to her. The photo above is the old hotel in Black Water.

A windmill sit in the center of town.

One of the many antique stores in Black Water.

 Back to Arrow Rock.
There was a big antique auction in Arrow Rock. A lot of nice things being sold, I saw cars from all over the US. We had such a nice time at Arrow Rock State Park.


  1. I had read that auction bills. Some very fine antiques.
    I love that area and I want to go back to check out Blackwater.
    hope it's nothing serious on your RV

  2. It sounds like a lovely camping trip. Hopefully next time you camp you will have all of the luxuries again too. My DIL is from Blackwater. Lovely little town. We've been to Arrow Rock many times. Maybe it is time for a little road trip!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thinking this would be a good place to take Billie when we get her finished!!

  4. Patti, I love that campground. It was so nice and the shower house was really clean. It was a breaker but we had some other issues pop up so we are getting them all taken care of.
    Deanna, I think Black Water was a really cool town! I want to go back, without the dogs, so I can do some shopping.
    Jen, you will love it there. I hope we can go together some time whne you get Billie finished. :)