Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My silly dog

This is my Jake, the dog that won my heart, back in December. I almost took him back a couple times to the Jefferson City Animal Shelter. For one, he plays too rough with my Corgi, Dudley. Two, he doesn't play nice with cats! And three, he likes to dig for moles. But all in all, he's such a good dog and such a ham! He makes noises like he's talking to my husband and I. And if I get on to him for something, he flings himself to the ground and covers his eyes with his leg. He's a riot. So here he will stay.

Today I was laying in the grass (I'm sure I will pay for that with chiggers) and I hear him sigh. I look over and here's my Jake laying next to me on his back too.

1 comment:

  1. Jake is precious! You can see the personality in his eyes. The minute I read that you laid in the grass, I though "chiggers!" Hope you didn't get any.