Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First post in a while

I had removed my blog, I grew tired of it but here I am again.

We've had an addition to the family. We have a new dog. He's a pound puppy named, Jake. Cute guy but high strung. He's a 3 to 4 year old Border Collie mix. Now my Corgi, Dudley, has a buddy. I race him on the ATV and my goodness he's fast! He's not the best with the cats but he's doing pretty good. He's potty trained but we have to be careful with food. My husband and I like to have snacks will watching TV. I walked away the other night while on the phone. Came back and my piece of cake had sprouted legs. All in all he's a good boy.

Our first camping trip is coming up. We will be headed to Bennett Springs State Park in Lebanon. I'm very excited to say the least. I will post some photos of our trip after we get back.


  1. It is great to see you back! Hopefully the break will make blogging fresh and new. I know I hit a lot of mind blocks.

    Your border collie is precious. They are high strung, though, and need lots of run time. A trip to Bennett Springs sounds wonderful! I haven't been there in many years.

  2. I have missed you, glad you are back, sorry that you deleted your blog though! So happy about your new addition! We learn the hard way about cake mishaps! I hosted Christmas Club last week and Mayor our dog ate a whole plate of cheese, off the counter.....

  3. Thank you both. As long as I don't have the issues I did before, I plan on keeping it. Thanks for the warm welcome back!
    Cheryl, we have bad dogs! :0)