Friday, March 13, 2020

March 2020

March has been a decent month so far! Nice temperatures and last week we had plenty of sunshine! My daffodils have begun to bloom around my yard and even one crocus.
I got two quilts back from Rooster Creek. The camper quilt, was quilted with paw prints! I love it! And the other one Just Add Sugar, she did a geometric shapes. Very adorable too!
And today my friend and I made a trip to Missouri Star Quilt Company. Not that I needed any more fabric but I found some I felt I needed to add to my stash. And if I have to be quarantined, I guess I will have a lot to work on! I hope and pray all the corona virus goes away, for good, and soon!

Just Add Sugar

Camper Quilt

My friend and I 

Jenny Doan and I. Well a cutout of Jenny

A cute camper quilt

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