Monday, September 2, 2019

Labor Day Weekend 2019

September is here and the temperatures are cooling off. Yesterday we attended, Our Lady of the Snows church picnic, in Mary's Home. Wonderful as always! My grandson started first grade last week and we are looking forward to Fall camping trips! I started on another quilt, this one is for my daughter. Herringbone is the pattern. And I rescued two trapped racoons in the dumpster at work. They keep climbing in there and then cant get out. So I use some thing I found to make them a away to get out. It was really hot that day and the lids were closed so they couldn't get out. I wasn't about to leave them. They scurried out of the dumpster in less than 30 minutes. 
Anyway, we are ready for Fall temps and chili! Fall is my favorite season! 

Shade loving flowers

First day of First

Quilts at Our Lady of the Snows

Games at the picnic
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The racoons I saved

latest quilt 

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