Friday, January 11, 2019

January 2019

So far, January has been a roller coaster of temperatures! January 7th was almost 70 degrees! Today is in the low 30s and snow. A lot of snow and in a short time too! It is supposed to snow all night and then a couple more inches tomorrow too! I love snow! It is so beautiful and my husband started the fireplace. It has been a lovely day, for me! Not the dogs. They had their annual checkup and shots. Poor Jake has panic attacks at the vet. But I am happy to report, a large bump on Dudley's side is only a fatty benign growth. We love that grumpy old dog! Fatty growths, bad breath and all!
Jan 7th almost 70 degrees

Jake having a meltdown at the vet clinic

Dudley and the snow starting to fall

Dudley, Rascal and neighbor dog

About 3 hours after the snow started

Jake having fun in the snow

Dudley all toasty by the fireplace

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