Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Camping season 2018

I had recently posted on my Facebook page, I'd like to camp by myself. A few chimed in they were too afraid to go without their husbands. Mostly pulling their RV.
Have i ever told you all, i was raised by a strong & independent mother? A woman born in the mid 30s; a daughter of a Lebanese man. Her grandparents came from Beirut. Women did not go to college so she paid for it herself & became a learning disabilities teacher. In the early 70s, she went for her master's degree in speech pathology. And 5 years ago, my dad was hospitalized, multiple times for heart conditions. We even sent my dad to Cleveland Clinic, in Ohio, to have heart surgery. When they moved my dad to a rehab facility, my mom walked a mile, one way, from her hotel, for a month, in rain & snow, to be by my dad's side until he was strong enough to be moved back to Missouri!
Last week i had a doctors appointment in Columbia. On my return, i grabbed the keys to the truck. Backed the truck & hooked up my RV, by myself! My husband checked my work & only changed one thing. And Saturday morning i pulled my RV to get new tires put on & back home. I am so proud of myself but then what would anyone expect from a girl raised by a strong women.

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