Sunday, July 9, 2017

Long Branch State Park 2017

My daughter watched the dogs so we could take Mason on his first camping trip in the RV. We went to Long Branch State Park just outside Macon, MO. We had a wonderful time with our friends. Mike, Jon and their son, Nick. Our trip started out, not so good. A flat, my husband cut his finger on mixer blades but the rest of the weekend was a blast!
Friday night Jon and I fixed dinner. Jon grilled bbq'ed pork steaks and we had corn on the cob and beans. I made foil packets of potatoes, onions and sweet red peppers. The next morning, Jon had made homemade biscuits in advance, he made sausage and gravy, I mixed us up scrambled eggs, fried up bacon. And we even roasted marshmallows last night.
The kids had a great time. It took us a bit to talk my grandson into getting into the water but once he did., he liked it. And after a bit he even let go of me and paddled around, close by to me. Saturday evening, we went shopping in Ben Franklin in Macon. 80% off sale. This morning back into Macon for breakfast and check out Weathervane Antique store. Such a wonderful time and I wish I would have gotten more photos. We had a full moon come up as the kids were at the playground. Tons of blackberries, rabbits and even Bob White Quail. I cannot wait until our next camping trip with them. Great time!

Flat tire in Moberly
Mason trying to help grandpa

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Shopping trip to Ben Franklin

Peddle Car at the antique store


  1. Was everything 80% off in the store? Or maybe a sidewalk sale. Your trip looked so relaxing!

  2. They had stuff on the side walk but a lot of sales too.