Saturday, May 23, 2015

Family vacation

My family decided to do a trip to Gulf Shores, AL Well, all but my daughter and grandson but everyone else went and we had such a wonderful time. We celebrated my sister's 50th birthday, my parents upcoming 55th wedding anniversary and my son's recent engagement to a great gal! The weather was wonderful and our week went way too fast. However, my husband and I were ready to return home to our dogs. I hope to go back in another 5 years and this time take my grandson as well.

We stayed at the Phoenix West

We spent a lot of time in the Lazy River.

Night Sky looking towards Florida
My Husband walking on the beach
We went deep sea fishing one day. 
This guy was waiting for fish to be cleaned.

And this creature! Someone put one of these in the lazy river. It tried to climb up my leg twice. They are called toe biters and you can tell by the ruler it is on, it is not small. My mom laughed as I screamed as it came after me again. Beware of these nasty bugs! 

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