Monday, May 7, 2012

Kansas City Bound

My son moved to Kansas City and he starts his new job today. We loaded the truck Thursday night, got up early Friday, drove up to his apartment and unloaded. The temperatures were in the 90's and it had rained so the humidity was unreal. Sticky! Sticky! Sticky! We have him all settled in. Still has a few boxes to unpack but we had to have some goof off time as well.
We went to the Foundry for dinner Friday, KC market Saturday and Buca Di Bepo yesterday before we left. I love Kansas City. Can't wait to go back and visit him again.


  1. OH! Thanks for loving my city! We call it home and love the places you visited. Best wishes as your son starts his new job.
    Come back soon!

  2. I'll bet you will be in Kansas City a lot! Love the marketplace.

    You couldn't have had a hotter, stickier, day to move him! I'll bet you were exhausted!